26 Giu 2013

cv - BARATIERI Daniela

Nome: Daniela

Cognome: Baratieri

Ente: University of Western Australia

Phd. History and Civilisation, con Luisa Passerini all’Istituto Universitario Europeo 


Bsc Anthropology, at Goldsmith’s College London.


Pubblicazioni :

Memory and Silences Haunted by Fascism: Italian Colonialism 1930s-1960s. Oxford: Peter Lang, 2010.

Daniela Baratieri, Mark Edele and Giuseppe Finaldi, eds. Totalitarian Dictatorship: New

Histories. London: Routledge, forthcoming 2013, contracted November 10, 2011.

 ʻLettere di donne a Mussolini: uno spettro di emozioni,ʼ in Il potere delle emozioni: 150 anni

di storia politica in Italia, eds. Penelope Morris, Francesco Ricatti and Mark Seymour, 149-67. Rome, Viella, 2012.

 ’Wrapped in Passionless Impartiality? Italian Psychiatry during the Fascist Regime,’ in Totalitarian Dictatorship, eds. D. Baratieri, M. Edele and G. Finaldi. London: Routledge, forthcoming 2013, contracted November 10, 2011.

 ʻSanity from a Lunatic Asylum: Ida Dalser a threat to Mussoliniʼs image,ʼ in Mussolini and the Italians from 1914 to the Present, eds. Christopher Duggan, Stephen Gundle and Giuliana Pieri. Manchester: Manchester University Press, in press forthcoming December 2012, contracted February 8, 2010.

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ʻTerrorists and Veils: the Battle of Algiers forty years later.ʼ In Rethinking Third Cinema, edited by Frieda Ekotto and Adeline Koh, 11-29. Berlin: LIT. 2009.

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